Harvesting the Bounty

My dear wife and I have very different temperaments (to put it mildly). She’s a list-maker, action-planner, get-things-done kind of gal, and I love her for it. Me, well… not so much. I’m more of a carpe diem kind of guy. I’m in charge of food and fun and am often surprised when the sun comes up in the east. It’s kind of like what would happen if Aesop’s ant and grasshopper got married, but we make it work.

When the first hint of fall hit a couple of weeks ago, my dear wife into full on ant mode. She made up a list of meals she wanted cooked in advance and frozen off and then we hit the farmers markets hard. She even borrowed our neighbor’s pressure cooker and Mason jars from a friend so we could do some canning.

I gotta admit that the sounds this old Presto pressure cooker made were a little scary, but it made short work of processing sealed jars.

The end result of two weekends spent cooking: 2 roasted chickens (pulled and frozen into 1-pound packages), 4 quarts of salsa verde, 3 batches of stuffed peppers, 26 quarts of canned tomatoes, and 36 pints of salsa.

I think making pickles is next on the agenda.

I’m one lucky grasshopper!

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