I’m a huge food geek, particularly when it comes to live-fire cooking. I love understanding how food works, learning how to enhance flavors, and being able to share all this with my friends and family.

This blog is a collection of pics and recipes for some of my recent cooks. A lot of it will be about dishes I’ve cooked on our large Big Green Egg ceramic cooker, but I also hope to include some gluten-free recipes, product reviews, BBQ news, and tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way.

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  1. Awesome Blog Dave! I am a fan! I loved reading all your recipes! I don’t use a BGE, but enjoyed your blog regardless! I look forward to following along as you post. Thank you!

  2. Thank-you for sharing the recipe for the Chocolate Custard Ice Cream! My husband grew up lovinig a chocolate almond custard from a local shop. This is now his favorite…and mine!!!

    1. Yep, still futzing with it and enjoying it. I just don’t cook in any kind of volume to justify scaling the recipe up, although I’ve got a graduation cook this summer that will call for a couple of quarts. Maybe I’ll try my hand at it then.

  3. Dave,

    Just found your site. Awesome! My wife is GF and I love to cook on my BGE, so this is perfect! Already picked out a recipe for NYE, and I am enjoying going thru the rest of the site. Are you still posting new stuff?

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