XXL Big Green Egg

I final got a first-hand gander at this beast at the Apple Harvest Eggfest. Wow! When I got there they had already taken the ribs off, but at one point they were cooking three racks of ribs, two pork butts, a turkey, an apple crisp, and still had plenty of room to spare.

For all you Eggheads out there, here are all the nerdy details:
29 inch grill diameter
672 square inch cooking area
424 pounds
You can fit 35-40 burgers, 14-16 chickens, 18-20 steaks, or 20 stacked racks of ribs on it – about three times the capacity of my large Egg.

XXL Big Green Egg-924

While this monster is way too large for this humble home grillmeister (although I wouldn’t say no if someone wanted to give me one), I can sure see a grill/smoker this size appealing to some of the big competition barbecue teams, as well as caterers and restaurants.

XXL Big Green Egg-487BTW – the Apple Harvest Eggfest was a hoot. Perfect fall day filled with the smell of apples and barbecue. Can’t beat that. Will definitely do it again next year, maybe even as part of a cooking team.



4 thoughts on “XXL Big Green Egg”

  1. I am a BGE enthusiast. I have two large eggs here, at my home and one at my parents in Iowa. While I contemplate the capacity of the X-Large Egg, my understanding is it takes quite some time to warm up. I find having two larges more friendly……….being able to slow smoke some ribs and have a high temp shrimp boil on the other. One man’s opinion. I really enjoy your work and look forward to your posts. All my best. Ross Rayner / Safety Harbor, FL

    1. Thanks! I can see where two smaller Eggs could be more useful than one huge one. I personally have my eye on the MiniMax – size of a Mini with the grid capacity of a Small.

  2. My issue with the XXL is the cost – I’d rather go with other options (multiple eggs for example) for the same cost. The MiniMax though…yeah, I want one of those. Let’s sneak over to Kim Y’s house and steal the one he is testing 😉

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