Roughing It

Dinner by lantern light.

Our first snow storm of the season dropped 8 VERY HEAVY inches on us Saturday and knocked our power out for 22 hours. No biggie. We pulled out the extra blankets, dug out the camping equipment, and got a nice fire roaring in the fireplace.

Now that's live fire cooking.

My dear wife roasted some huge hot dogs, I made up mac and cheese, and we snuggled in for a evening of chatting and watching the fire.  Not at all bad.

4 thoughts on “Roughing It”

    1. Anytime ;). Sorry about the bad week.

      We had it easy – there were some folks who didn’t get power back until late yesterday.

  1. That camping equipment can come in handy around the house. We’ve dug ours out on occassion. I’m wondering where you live where you got the snow? I’m in Denver and all we’ve had are dustings. I think we’re due next week. The weathermen/women are hinting to a sizable storm headed this direction.

    1. We’re in Minneapolis, so this is about when we usually see our first snow, but the changeover from Fall to Winter happened really fast this year. Thursday was 68°F and Saturday we’re shoveling snow in the dark – go figure. At least it was on a non-holiday weekend.

      Hope you have a clear Thanksgiving!

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