Lightning Nuggets Firestarters

Since we got our new deck, I’ve been extra-careful when firing up the Big Green Egg.  I usually light it with a MAPP torch, but that tends to throw a lot of sparks and sparks make me a whole lot more nervous than they used to.

I decided to give Lightning Nuggets Firestarters a try. These pellets are made of sawdust and paraffin. They are supposed to light quick and burn down to nothing.

I tossed one of these little firebombs into the center of a pile of fresh lump charcoal and lit it with a 2-second blast from the torch. I closed the lid and the bottom vent screen, but left the upper daisy wheel vent off and the top open. 20 minutes later I had this nice little fire roaring and the dome thermometer was at 650°F.

There was still a little sparking off the lump, but nothing like the big pieces that come flying off when I use the torch alone. At $16 for a 50 count box, this is going to be the way I start the BGE from now on.

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