2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Hot Ribeyes on a Warm Summer Night”

  1. you said it man. knocked ours out on Sunday. Potatoes au gratin and grilled asparagus on the side. Not too long ago I was picking up a to go order at Lillo’s in Leland, MS (home of Jim Henson) when I bought a bottle of their Steak Marinade just to give it a try. I’m not big on a marinade because it can often overpower a steak. This one gave it a great searing flavor without making the meat taste like Dale’s or something like that. Its olive oil, Worecestshire Sauce, Lemon juice, water, garlic salt, canola oil and pepper. It can be as heavy as you want it, but a good 30 minute light soak before throwing on 650 degrees, is certainly worth it.

    1. Thanks for the tip on the marinade. I usually go with a dry rub or just some salt and pepper. Will have to give the marinade a try.

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