Early Valentine’s Day – Steak & Crab

Arlo & Janis

We’re going to be busy getting ready for a trip next week, so we took advantage of a deal on crab legs and had an early Valentine’s Day dinner.

About an hour out, my dear wife set the oven at 350°F and put the foil-wrapped potatoes in to bake. I took the steaks out of the fridge and set the Big Green Egg up for a direct cook at nuclear temperature – 700°F plus.

I seasoned the steaks on both sides with a generous amount of kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper. When the grill was ready, I put the crab in the oven and the steaks on the grate over the hottest part of the fire.  I closed the lid and gave them a good 90 seconds of undisturbed searing. Then I flipped them, closed the lid and gave them another 90 seconds.


These New York strips were so thick that I flipped the steaks up onto one edge, closed the lid, and let them go for another 90 seconds. Then flipped them onto their other edge and did the same thing.

I like steak medium-rare, which is just about exactly what these were when I pulled them off and put them on a warm plate and covered them with another plate, and let them rest for 15 minutes while the crab finished cooking and I grilled the romaine.


Just about a minute on each side with the lid open to give them a little char, then rough chopped with some tomatoes and into the salad.


Steak, crab, baked potato, and salad with home-made Caesar dressing.

Life is good!

3 thoughts on “Early Valentine’s Day – Steak & Crab”

  1. Now that is food of love! You know the steaks are thick when you can stand them up on edge.

    PS: We love Arlo and Janis, they are so much like us at our age. And the author has been on a food kick lately.

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