What Eggs are Supposed to Look Like

I have an “egg connection” who gets us free-range, organic eggs from a 4-H student for next to nothing. She hauls half a dozen cartons up whenever she comes to visit.  I’d gotten so used to the uniformly-white, all-one-size ones that I forgotten what real eggs look like. Look at this glorious dozen! Every one of them looks like it came out of a different chicken’s butt – small to extra-large, mottled brown to almost a pale rose, rough pebbled shells and silky-smooth ones too.

And look at this yolk – high, thick, and deep yellow. This is what you get from chickens who get to peck and scratch and eat grasshoppers (well, when they’re in season, anyway ;)). It’ll be a real shame when the kid graduates and we have to go back to tasty, but boring organic eggs from the store.

2 thoughts on “What Eggs are Supposed to Look Like”

  1. We get fresh eggs during the Farmers’ Market season and typically they aren’t even all the same color in a batch. Trevor always wants the blue ones.

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