We’re doing Thanksgiving here with my folks tomorrow, so today has been mostly cooking and cleaning, but I wanted to take a minute to reflect on just how lucky we are.

A couple days ago my dear wife told me that we had a “problem” with freezer space because we’d gotten a load of beef from her brother and didn’t have room for any of the Thanksgiving supplies. “We’re so lucky,” she said.

Too much food, a roof over our heads, four spoiled cats, and (soon) a house full of family. Ain’t those nice problems to have?

Happy Thanksgiving!

One thought on “Thankfull”

  1. I’ve had that same “complaint” a few times. As soon as I start to get frustrated dealing with limited refrigerated storage, I pause and correct myself. We are indeed fortunate.

    (That being said, I still want a storage freezer for the garage 😉 )

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