The Manhattan

As classic a cocktail as there ever was – simple in concoction, elegant, yet straight-forward in presentation. This version is a little sweeter and lighter than most, using brandy in place of whiskey and more sweet vermouth. More summer on the deck and less supper club.

2 ounces brandy
Dash of aromatic bitters (Angostura is traditional, but I am sold on Fee Brothers West Indian Orange Bitters)
Sweet vermouth

Fill a low-ball glass about half way full of ice cubes. Add the brandy, bitters, and top with vermouth. Garnish with a maraschino cherry if you must.

5 thoughts on “The Manhattan”

  1. Hi Dave.

    FYI: Without getting in to the politics…RRRRRRR…makes me mad…of the Eggheadforum-v-GreenEggers debacle, your link shows a “Page Not Found” when clicked.

    Keep up the great work! Your Buffalo Thighs coupled with Grilled Potato Salad from NibbleMeThis today!

    1. I fixed the link and added one to the GreenEggers forum. Thanks for catching it.

      I’ve got no dog in this forum fight. I view having another forum as having yet another resource. I’m sorry BGE corporate handles their communication/coordination so badly, it doesn’t reflect well on them at all, but I’m also sorry that there are so many whinny old farts complaining about what appears to be a done deal.

      I’ll probably continue to post both places and see where I feel the most welcome. I hope to continue participating in both of them.

  2. Looks delicious! I learned from a bartender at a cocktail bar in NYC that manhattans were always traditionally made with Rye but it fell out of fashion some years back, hence the widespread use of bourbon. When bars had to decide whether to stock bourbon or rye, they chose bourbon and made classic cocktails with that.

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