New Pans!

It’s a happy day in Dave’s world! My dear wife got me an early birthday present – new pans! After managing to cook through a couple of sets of Calphalon, we moved up to the All-Clad d5 stainless. Not only are they some damn pretty pans, they cook like a dream and ought to last a lifetime (am I a food geek or what?).

The first dish out of the chute was just a simple breakfast skillet casserole, but it was perfect with a crispy bottom and a bubbly top. I’ve only had the pans for a couple of days, but am already impressed with how evenly and efficiently the pans cook. Dishes that I would have cooked on medium-high just need medium heat now.

I’m now pouring through Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking to find some more demanding dishes that’ll give the pans a real workout.

Thanks, honey!

3 thoughts on “New Pans!”

  1. That bubbly breakfast made me instantly hungry. I’ve got good pans but whenever I see those All-clads in the store I just stare and sigh. They’re beautiful.

  2. happy happy day! i understand your excitement – and i’m jealous that you got the full set! over the last 2 years i have acquired just 2 pieces of allclad – the 6 qt classic stainless saute pan & a 10″ skillet – and i have a feeling it will be a few more years before i get to a full set. i too had to adjust the temp i cook at when switching to the all clad – i’m usually at medium low instead of the previous medium high. i’m so curious to know how the d5 compares to the classic stainless with it’s five layers vs the 3 layers that you get with the stainless. i’d like to have one of each and do a test!

  3. I have lusted over those d5’s ever since they came out.

    And since I remember when they came out, that makes me a food geek too.

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