Pulled Ham

I decided to do something a little different than traditional pulled pork – pulled ham.

I started with a 5lb half of a pork butt (a.k.a. Boston butt or pork shoulder roast) and cured for 5 days using a mixture of 5T of Morton’s Sugar Cure and 5t of Dizzy Pig Red Eye Express.

After curing, I rinsed the butt and soaked it for about 2 hours in fresh water, then let it air-dry for another hour. I set up the Big Green Egg for an indirect cook at 250°F with hickory for smoke. I smoked it until the butt hit 140°F internal.

After it hit 140°F, I moved the roast to a foil pan and basted it with a glaze of:

1/4 cup brown sugar
1/8 cup maple syrup
1T cider vinegar
1T Worcestershire sauce
1/2 cup coffee
1t Coleman’s mustard
1T frozen orange juice concentrate

The whole pan went back into the BGE, still at 250°F, and got basted every 20 minutes or so until the butt hit 190°F internal. Then I sealed the pan with foil and let rest for 2 hours. When it had cooled a little, I pulled it with a pair of bear paws just like you would pulled pork.

It was salty, and sweet, and tangy, and ever so delicious!

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