Big Green Egg

After enjoying pozole (a stew made from hominy, pork or chicken, and green chiles) in Mexico, I decided to try a version of the dish on the Big Green Egg.

I wanted to try the barbacoa technique, where the meat cooks over the stock. I started with one nice roasting hen that was rubbed with Goya Sazón. The BGE was stabilized at 350°F and set up for indirect cooking. I put a cast iron dutch oven full of stock (water, onion, chicken neck, 1/2 cup Mojo Criollo, garlic, and jalapeño) onto the inverted plate setter. BGE feet were used to raise it off the plate so it wouldn’t scorch.

Big Green Egg

The idea had been to vertically roast the bird over the stock, but in one of those measure-once-cut-twice moments I discovered that this setup would be too tall to fit in the Egg. So the bird ended up just sitting on the grid above the stock and I just had to make sure that the bird’s juices drained into the stock.

Big Green Egg

Everything was cooked together until the bird hit 165°F in the breast. The bird was removed to let rest, and the stock cooked for another half hour just to reduce it a bit and increase the smoky flavor.

The chicken was shredded into the stock and then I added hominy and green chiles and let it simmer for another half hour. It was amazing – rich stock, tender chicken, smoky aroma, wow!

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