It’s Grilling Season!

While it’s true that northern winters have not stopped us from grilling pretty much year-round, there does come point in the Spring where all of a sudden the air is warm and the sun is high. A day where standing around tending a grill stops being a chore and starts being a joy.

For me, that day was yesterday.

We started with a medium-hot grill and a pan full of sliced baby bella mushrooms and sweet onions. These got sauteed in olive oil until they started to brown. Then I deglazed the pan with a little red wine and let it reduce until there was just enough liquid left to coat the mushrooms.

When the mushrooms were done, I bumped up the heat and slapped on a couple of beef filets that had been rubbed with a mix of sweet smoked paprika and kosher sea salt. After I flipped the steaks I added some asparagus to the party. When the steaks were just about medium rare and the asparagus was browned but still crisp, I moved them off to a plate to rest.

Salad time – hearts of romaine that had been cut in half and brushed with olive oil. These grilled for just a minute or two and got a drizzle of Annie’s Goddess Dressing before they hit the table.

All-in-all, it was a perfect meal the start the season with.

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