Last Hurrah Ribs

Labor Day is pretty much the end of summer up around these parts. The air is turning light and cool and we’re getting a lot less daylight. I fire up the Big Green Egg mostly year-round, so I’ll still be out grilling, but the days of sitting out on the deck in shorts and t-shirts are numbered.

We were supposed to spend it hanging out with my family, but my dear wife came down with the crud and we were both out of commission for most of the weekend.  I didn’t figure I’d be doing any cooking, but she perked up a bit on Monday and out of the blue asked if I’d make her some ribs.

Sure thing, honey.

I tried a variation on my Express Ribs technique; cooking the ribs hotter and faster, then braising them in foil, and finally finishing them unwrapped. I set the Egg up for a raised, direct cook at 300°F with some apple wood for smoke.

I seasoned a couple of nice racks of baby back ribs with a heavy coat of Tasty Licks Ribit Rub. The ribs went on bone side down for an hour, then I flipped them ribs bone side up and let them go for another hour.

Then I removed the ribs to a sheet of heavy-duty foil and wrapped them up tightly. I did the same thing with a second layer of foil. The ribs then went back on, meat side down, for an hour.

After an hour of braising, I removed the ribs from the foil and tried to put them on the grill bone side down. I got one rack moved over intact, but the other was so done that it had started to fall apart before I even touched it.

I got both racks over to the grill as best I could and sauced them with the new version of my Sticky Hog sauce and let them cook for another 10 minutes. Since flipping them was not an option, I gave them a final coat of sauce and (carefully) moved them off the grill.

I let them rest for 10 minutes before serving.

The Verdict: ★★★★★
My dear wife LOVED these ribs. I was just happy that she was feeling better, so I sure wouldn’t argue with her. As done as they looked coming out of the foil, I was afraid they’d be mushy or soft. But going with a raised, direct cook meant that they were falling apart tender, but they still had a good bit of bark and some nice chew to them. Perfect way to say goodbye to summer.

The new sauce is a real winner too.

3 thoughts on “Last Hurrah Ribs”

  1. I live in FL, so we’re not quite ready to say goodbye to Summer. HOWEVER, these are also a great way to welcome the brand new baby NFL season! Please post the new version of your sauce. The only thing about the old recipe is Pomegranate Molasses, which looks like a special order. Fortunately, I also have a case of Carnivore Sauce to fall back on. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks! Love the Carnivore sauces too.

      I had to hunt down my current bottle of pomegranate molasses at a Greek market, but lately I’ve seen it in the ethic foods section of our local grocery store. You could substitute anything that would give you some sweet/sour tang – cherry preserves, tamarind paste, pineapple juice, or just more balsamic vinegar.

  2. “but the days of sitting out on the deck in shorts and t-shirts are numbered.”

    Sniff, sniff…..that is what I will miss the most too.

    The ribs look great Dave. I’ve never done ribs direct. I know a lot of people are power cooking them indirect too. I need to play around with something other than low and slow just for a change.

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