Not so Black, Plenty of Bleu, Redux

My dear wife is back! Whew, it was getting close there. Almost ran out of salami, Doritos, and clean underwear ;).

To celebrate, I re-made the Black ‘n’ Bleu steak we had right before she left. Only this time I switched to bottom round sirloin steaks and skipped the cast iron griddle.

I set the BGE up for a direct cook at about 650°F. After coating the steaks with olive oil, I seasoned them with a little fresh-ground black pepper and sea salt, and tossed them on the grate.

These were nice, thick steaks, so I ended up going about 3 minutes a side to get medium rare.

The Verdict: ★★★★☆

Getting better – the blue cheese topping is still a winner, and the steaks were closer to being done to my liking, but I missed the heavy char. I also prefer the firmer structure of the strip steak to the grainier bottom sirloin. Just going to have to try again, damn ;).

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  1. I have to agree with you, our “food testing laboratories” are the best place in the world to “work”. Hopefully we will never get everything perfect so we can keep on testing!

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