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Some sites that I’ve enjoyed recently.

Adam Perry Lang and the Perfect Prime Rib While I am suspicious of taking and barbecue advice from someone with 3 names and no beer belly, this classically-trained-chef-turned-pit master knows his stuff.  I’m dying to make this prime rib and recently ordered his BBQ 25 book.

Suck Creek Wings – Award Winning Hot Sauces This is the best buffalo-style wing sauce I’ve tasted – great tang and plenty of heat with lots of herbaliciousness going on. I’ve used it on wings, thighs, and whole chickens with great success.

Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything An excellent selection of recipes collected from several of Bittman’s books presented in a very accessible, straight-forward way.

King Aurthur Gluten Free I’ve tried both their GF bread mix and GF flour and have been very happy with both of them. The bread mix makes the best GF bread machine loaf I’ve ever had.

Photograzing Food can also be a visual treat. When I’m looking for recipe ideas, this is where I come to browse pure food porn. Very substantial gluten-free section as well.

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  1. Love your comment on the first recommendation. 🙂

    Thanks for the site recommendations, been loving the Mark Bittman site too and a few of these are new to me.

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