All I want for Christmas…

This time of year I get a lot of folks asking me what tools and toys I recommend as gifts for their grillmeister. Here’s a list of some of the gear that I’ve found to be useful for my cooks on the Big Green Egg:

Apron – after trashing a couple of shirts, this cool apron helps keep me clean and keep my tools organized. It’s got plenty of pockets and comes with the all-important bottle opener ;).

Barbecue Sauce – Blue’s Hog Original is an exceptional sweet and spicy sauce. The Carnivore BBQ sauces are also winners.

Chef’s Choice 610 Electric Food Slicer – I’ve run a ton of cottage bacon through this and it does a great job. Also great for pepperoni, cheeses and other goodies for holiday trays.

Grilling Gloves – this is essential protection for working around the grill.

Lodge Cast-Iron Melting Pot – I’m big on basting and this little pot does a great job of keeping my sauces warm.

MAPP Torch – fastest way to light lump charcoal (fun too).

Maverick ET-73 Wireless Thermometer – great for low-n-slow cooks, particularly overnighters. Two sensors let you monitor the temperature of both the meat and the smoking chamber and transmit them up to 100 feet to a portable receiver.

Panasonic GF1 Digital Camera with 20mm f/1.7 Lens – this was my early Christmas present (thanks honey). I love this little camera and lens combination, particularly for food photos. It lets me work without a flash and has excellent image quality.

Rubs – I’m a huge fan of both Dizzy Pig and John Henry. The Dizzy sample pack makes a great gift, but you might as well go ahead and buy them all.

Thermapen – pricey, but it’s the thermometer to go to for speed and accuracy. Three second reading times are great when the cooking is hot and fast. New version is splashproof.

Tongs -16 inch tongs are almost the only tool I use for moving food around the grill. Oxo makes a great pair.

Tool Wizard Grill & BBQ Brush Wizard Grill Scrubber – best grill cleaner I’ve ever used. Cleaning heads are washable and replaceable.

Weber Grill Pan – keeps little stuff from falling through the grate. I use it a lot for veggies and shrimp. You need to bend the ends in just a little to fit a large Big Green Egg.

Happy Holidays to all and to all…..Great Grilling!

2 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas…”

  1. Great list. Hey, I don’t have the fat boy right now but I sent an email to Benzomatic the day you asked, inquiring about the diameter. They haven’t replied yet.

    The one I bought leaked out completely empty two weeks after I got it. I emailed them and their reply was basically, “Oh well, we don’t have a recall on them, must have been a fluke.” So I went back to Worthington brand MAPP cylinders.

    1. Thanks for checking for me. I’ve got the smaller tank right now and plan to replace it if the bigger tank will fit in the drawer. But maybe not if they’ve got a quality control issue.

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